How do I create a sitemap for Blogger?

Hello buddys, welcome to the Mironiyar blogger tutorial. Today I will show you how to you create a sitemap for your Website?

How do I create a sitemap for Blogger?

How do I create a sitemap for Blogger?

Most websites have a sitemap page. You can easily create a sitemap page by following the three steps below. Sitemap presents all the pages or posts on a website at once.
Through the Sitemap page, visitors can easily find the post they are looking for. Most importantly, the webmaster tool of the search engine crawler when it comes to the website crawler can easily crawl the pages or posts of the completed site.

The following are the steps:

If you want to setup in the right way, you have to follow the method shown in the following 3 steps. Excluding any part of 3 steps can cause problems. Therefore the setup will remain unfinished.

Step 1: Where to Code files

Copy the code file from the 'Google Drive: Code' below.

Step 2

After copying the code completed in the first step, the second step will be opened on the website's deskboard. Then go to the page option and open the new pages.

Step 3

If you have a compose view of the new page opened in the last step, you have to do html view. Then you have to copy and paste the completed code. Go to the end of the pasted code and change the link of the website painted yellow to give the link of your own website.Finally the page needs to be published.

How do I create a sitemap for Blogger: Code

Google Drive: Code

All files on the Mironiyar site are uploaded to Google Drive.

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Always keep a backup of the template XML file. As a result, if there is any problem in the XML file, the problem can be solved with the backup file. Start only applies to theme editing.


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