How do I add Auto Refresh System in my website

Hello buddys, welcome to the Mironiyar blogger tutorial. Today I will show you how to you add Auto Refresh System on your website.

if you add auto refresh on the website, the website will refresh automatically after a certain time. By adding Auto Refresh, the work of Auto Refresh has the website itself. A special advantage of this is that if something new uploaded on the website, it will come to the website page after a specific time. So it is not an important setting of the website, but many jobs. One thing is always remembered that the user can go to the frequent auto refresh website. During the lower, the time of Auto Refresh is better than 20 seconds to 45 seconds.

The following are the steps:

If you want to setup in the right way, you have to follow the method shown in the following 3 steps. Excluding any part of 3 steps can cause problems. Therefore the setup will remain unfinished.

Step 1: Where to go

First you have to go to the website's desboard. ‌Then you have to enter the Theme writing option of Dashboard.

Step 2: Where to download files

Download the code file from the Download Bar below or Copy the full code to the file.
And If you want to increase or decrease the time of Auto Refresh, then select the code of your choice from the downloaded file.

Step 3: Where to setup

The last step is to enter the edit HTML and find the text <head>.  If you can't find the <head>.  text, press CTRL F on the computer keyboard to bring up the search bar and type <head>.  in the search option.  Now you have to paste the copied code under the text <head>.  You have to save the last one.

Code: html,CSS,JavaScript

Google Drive: Code

All files on the Mironiyar site are uploaded to Google Drive. So the files of Mironiyar site are downloaded from Google Drive.

Define Process

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How Do I Add Auto Refresh System IN My Website in 9 steps

Step 1: First, login to your Blogger website.

Step 2: Then enter 'Edit Html' in the 'Theme' option on the Blogger website's desboard.

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Step 3: After going to 'Edit Html', click anywhere and search for '<head>' by clicking 'Ctrl + F' on the keyboard.

Step 4: Copy any code from below and paste it after the '<head>' tag.

Step 5: Click on the Save button to finish the process.

How do I add Auto Refresh System in my website, Full screen button on keyboard, Full screen button laptop, How to Add Different Responsive Download Button on Blogger

Add Auto Refresh System in your website: code

1st Code: For 15 seconds

<meta content="15" http-equiv="refresh"/>

1st Code: For 20 seconds

<meta content="20" http-equiv="refresh"/>

1st Code: For 25 seconds

<meta content="25" http-equiv="refresh"/>

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Always keep a backup of the template XML file. As a result, if there is any problem in the XML file, the problem can be solved with the backup file.


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