Easily create or generator a favicon icon?

Hello buddys, welcome to the Mironiyar blogger tutorial. Today I will show you how to you make Favicon on your Website.

How do I make or create a favicon icon?

Favicon for website

Favicon is known as tab icon, URL icon shortcut icon, website icon, or bookmark icon.And this favicon is found in almost every website.As written in Google's Favicon G Word.And this can be a favicon letter or picture.The most important thing is that each favicon will be square in shape.Once the favicon is completed, the favicon can be added to a specific website in different ways, be it Html or manually setting.


How to you add a favicon to Blogger?

The following are the steps:

If you want to setup in the right way, you have to follow the method shown in the following 3 steps. Excluding any part of 3 steps can cause problems. Therefore the setup will remain unfinished.

Step 1 : To create a favicon, first of all, there is a bar named Favicon given above.To create a favicon, you have to enter that website.Moreover, you can enter the name of that website by searching in the search engine.Fabicon can be easily made for free from this website.

Step 2 : After going to the website in the second step, if you want to make it with mobile, you have to change the desktop.After that you have to give one or more letters in the text space.You have to change the color of the font and background to your liking.It is better if the font size is normal.Change the three options of the background option to your liking.Thus complete all the empty cells and complete the work.

Mironiyar : Favicon create and add website

Step 3 : In the third step, download the .PNG file by clicking the download button at the top.You can then use the favicon created on your website.The downloaded file has Fabicon in different resolutions.You can choose from it and use it as you wish.

Generated Favicon easily


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