Easily Add best Responsive Table in website/Blog Post

Today am going to reveal to you a very cool method.In this way you can add a great Responsible table to your website in a very short time. (Mironiyar)

Hello Guys, welcome to the Mironiyar blogger tutorial. Today I will show you how to you add Responsive Table in Blogger post.

Easily Add Responsive Table in website/Blogger Post

There are many ways to add a table to a Blogger website post, one of which is HTML.Tables using HTML's TD, TH, TR, TC, etc. You can easily add tables to bloggers or websites.However, it requires a lot of time.
So today I am going to reveal to you a very cool method.In this way you can add a great Responsible table to your website in a very short time.This way you don't have to use HTML's TD, TR, TC, TH etc., all you have to do is copy and paste the data into the table, there is no need for anything else.
Therefore you will not need any coding skills in this method.But you have to understand where to put the data.
So you can add a nice responsive table to your website post by following the procedure shown below.

The following are the steps:

If you want to setup in the right way, you have to follow the method shown in the following 3 steps. Excluding any part of 3 steps can cause problems. Therefore the setup will remain unfinished.

Step 1 : You need to download or copy the code file from the Download bar below.


Step 2 : After copying the code completed in the first step, the second step will be opened on the website's deskboard. Then go to the posts option and open the new post.

Blog me table Kaise banaye

Step 3 : The first step is to change the post from compose view to HTML view.After that you have to select the exact place where you will add the table.You need to paste the downloaded or copied completed code in the selected place.
Now you have to give the title of the table in the place where the table is written.Then in place of th in the code, take the website, price, time in the written space with th as you need.Then in the table data, website, price, time, Mironiyar, 10 rupees, 5 minutes, take your information in the written space.
Finally, the post will save or publish. If you give any information wrong or omitted, you will update it properly later, it will not be a problem.

How to insert table in blogger

Code: html,CSS,JavaScript

Download File

Responsive Table for Mobile view

Table CSS for Blogger

Responsive Table for Desktop view

how to add responsive awesome Table in website post